Sit More Comfortably
Mobile Back Supports to Improve Your Posture On The Go!

Take With You Everywhere

The elasticated straps adjust to fit around every type of chair

Car Seat

Office Seat

Seat At Home

Not Just Any Back Support, A Back Support That

Adjusts To Work To Your Backs Bespoke Needs

  • Press the top button to inflate or
    deflate upper back support
  • Press the bottom button to inflate or
    deflate the lumbar/lower back curve
  • Come slightly forward, away from the
    cushion, to let the air in when pressing
    the button to inflate
  • Press against the back rest when
    pushing the button to deflate
  • Inflate or deflate the support according
    to comfort levels

By Physios

Dr Solomon Abrahams, PhD, MSc, MCSP, SRP
Harley Street Consultant Physiotherapist

Designed by Nichola Adams Msc Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF

Designed to prevent, manage and cure back problems by cradling your back in the right places.

  • Exceptional Comfort
    Adapts to your body shape
  • Adaptable
    Use with your work chair, car seat, dining chair, sofa or even when travelling.
  • Easy To Transport
    The travel version is small enough to take in your bag on journeys, so there is no time in the day when you won’t have improved posture
  • Tailor Made In Britain
    Manufactured to the highest standard. We are proud to support British industry.

2 Mobile Back Support Options

Travel Version

Buy Now – £99

Our travel version provides vital lower back support, whilst being small and light enough to take anywhere

Large Support

Buy Now – £150

Our large support includes both a lumbar and thoracic adjustable cushion to alleviate pain and tension for the whole of your back.

Learn more about mobile back supports in our FREE guide for people on the go

Plus get no obligation advice over the phone on the best solution to help your specific needs from one of our back care specialists

About Us

Corrigo is Latin for ‘To Correct’.
Established in 2006, Corrigo is a British company passionate about correcting your posture and improving the health and vitality of everyone who spends their day at a desk. Our office chairs and back supports are designed to fit the body perfectly and correct posture, preventing back problems and reducing the symptoms of existing back pain.

Corrigo products are designed by Nichola Adams, MSc Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF, through years of research and collaboration with physiotherapists. Their scientific-based form is designed around the shape of the spine, providing support for the whole of the back. They are easy to use and provide a wonderful sense of freedom of movement and relief from pain.

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